• Estate Freeze

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The Freeze

Small business owners have many concerns, including worrying about their exit strategy and/or succession plan. These concerns are often heightened in the event of a health scare or receiving  an ultimatum from a child involved in the business. Without proper direction these worries quickly transform into anxiety, instead of action (strategic planning). Being a trusted advisor affords us with the unique opportunity to provide guidance in these areas.


The most tax-efficient manner to transfer a business to a successor is to undertake an estate freeze. An estate freeze is a planning tool which allows the successor to participate in the future growth of the business, while simultaneously locking in the value to the owner. The locked-in value provides a level  of certainty of the future tax liability in respect to the business owner’s shares and, in fact, can only decrease over time. An estate freeze itself does not provide immediate cash flow though can be combined with strategies designed to monetize the value in the future.

Who’s this for?

  • Business Owners
  • Family Business
  • Shareholders


  • Creates certainty-setting the maximum tax liability
  • Motivational tool-Allows family members to participate in the growth of business
  • Multiplying the capital gains exemption