What you may not know about supplemental health insurance

By Anne Levy-Ward, for BrighterLife.ca

It’s easy to understand the importance of protecting ourselves and our families – we wear seatbelts, for example, because we understand how they keep us safe in case we’re in a car crash. We have medical checkups because we understand how our doctors can take action when they spot health problems.

Supplemental health insurance plans obtained through an employer or purchased as an individual are another way to protect ourselves and our families “in case” – in this instance, in case of a threat to our financial security from illness or accident. They’re called “supplemental” because they add to the coverage Canadians receive through their provincial governments. (Separate plans are available for visitors or recent immigrants without provincial health coverage.) But the kind of protection supplemental health insurance offers isn’t as easy to figure out as a seatbelt or a checkup. To help you understand how it works so you can weigh the merits of buying coverage, here are answers to some common questions: Read more

Whole Life: A Whole New Investment Class

The recent developments in investment markets and the volatile performance that has resulted have brought about a new appeal to an old workhorse. For investors looking for a diversification in their investment portfolio and a more tax efficient fixed income investment alternative, a compelling argument can be made for the use of Whole Life Insurance.

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